Our Work

“You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do,” said Henry Ford.

That’s why we make every piece as witty, intriguing, and thought-provoking as the one before.

In this section you’ll find abundant examples of recent project outputs. Illustrating how we make IT and telecoms interesting and engaging, they’re the reason our clients return to us time and again. Each is chosen to bring what we do vibrantly to life.

Imaginative content marketing

Infused with flair and originality, you’ll find out-of-the-ordinary customer needs at the heart of our content marketing

Thought leadership

Thought leadership may be an overused phrase, but different ways of thinking definitely put innovators ahead of the rest. Eliciting disruptive points of view from within your enterprise is the way to true differentiation.

Brochures and data sheets

Yeah, we’re in a digital era, but many purchasers still want plain paper propositions. Ensure you feed that need. Stay short and snappy. Use engaging graphics. See these illustrations of how best to do it.

Value propositions

Many companies deliver great solutions in partnership. That’s common. What’s much less so is their ability to show how the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Joint value propositions are the perfect way to do that.


Storytelling takes power: a picture’s worth a thousand words

Case studies (iStudies)

Case studies? That’s where we started. Today everybody’s doing it. But we’ve learned how to put the customer in the crossover betwixt marketing content and digital PR. See how far our technique’s developed.

Videos, trailers and promos

Since the last decade, video’s been the coming thing. Now, coronavirus has finally made clear business travel and face-to-face physical interaction ain’t necessarily the best idea. The truth’s staring us all in the face. See what we’re doing.

Infographics and eBooks

Formats should be as supple as a gymnast. Some people want a good read. Others ask to be given just the top line. A growing number consume only on their smartphones. That’s why one should offer choice to match the content to the medium.

Ingenious digital PR

Stop thinking analogue: that’s the key to digital success

Pinpointing target audiences, be they large industry groups or a single person, takes a canny mix of digital media, knowing the right people, and persistence. It’s about delivering content and getting it to stick. We do that.


Trade and public media

Social media like LinkedIn and Twitter have languages all their own, while trending digital tools like podcasts and blogs are gaining still more momentum in difficult times. Getting these things right will assure success in the new normal. We do that.


Blogs, podcasts and social media

Always remember, a website is someone’s baby. While design is important, deep conversations render the multi-layered messaging to bring the vision to life. That needs a unique client-focused process. We do that.


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