March 16, 2021

Winning award entries: the sincerest form of flattery

There are literally dozens of IT and telecoms industry awards on offer every year, and most are free to enter. Winning one is worth its weight in gold, and feeds column-inches that keep on coming. But the competition’s getting tougher, which is why it’s worth investing the time and effort. Take the right approach and the results will roll in.

You’ll not only do great things for your company’s reputation, but you’ll also attract the attention of senior management. After all, who doesn’t love attending an annual awards ceremony and stepping up to the rostrum to snatch the prize in front of one’s peers?

Staying up with the times

Scooping an award usually means doing three things better than the also-rans. First, you’ve got to be in it to win it, as the old saying goes, which we’ll return to shortly. Then, you’ve got to produce a convincing fact-filled online submission (but also see our comments below on new formats) to secure your place on the shortlist. And, finally, deliver a captivating multimedia presentation (for example, add video soundbites) to sway the judges.

Until COVID-19 struck in 2020, the latter tended to be in-person pitches. However, they switched to socially-distanced video calls for obvious reasons, while award ceremonies also went virtual. It’s our belief things will start to revert to normal as the 2021 season gets into full swing, but that’s no reason to ignore lessons learned during the pandemic. And, if you ask, we’ll keep our eyes on things on your behalf.

Next, not exactly stop-press news but another lockdown effect is award bodies encouraging multimedia entries like PDFs or videos. Why? Well, it makes the judging process more varied and allows personalities to shine through. If you’re a fun company, they say, show it in your entry. Of course, written entries are still welcome, but note the judges are not huge fans of attachments. So, keep your entry in the body copy, make it easy to read, and don’t feel you have to answer each proof point in order. Remember, keep attachments to a minimum.

Six reasons we’re successful

Looking at the evidence there are six overriding reasons to choose GoRefCo for winning award submissions:

  • Know what judges want – we’re great storytellers and make entries memorable.
  • Ask the right questions – we know how to do that as it’s one of the most critical skills.
  • Cut the fluff and make every word count – as most comps have strict word limits.
  • Hunt down hard facts – the best submissions have them, which we’re adept at finding.
  • Strike the substance and style balance – because judges see lots of entries.
  • Use multimedia more often – we’re cool video, infographic, and PDF producers.

Of course, doing the copywriting or storyboarding right is only half the game and, unless you’ve got your eye on the ball, you might miss opportunities others don’t. So, GoRefCo offers the following additional services:

  1. For free sign-up to our award entry service, please email
  2. For an up-to-date list of IT and telecoms industry awards click here.
  3. We match individual award entry opportunities against our customers’ businesses and present that as a content engine.
  4. We record case study-type content over the previous 12-month period and add that evidence to the content engine.
  5. We provide three-month and six-week alerts in advance of relevant submission dates.

Furthermore, when it comes to production of award submission decks, and other multimedia content, we’ll help your people do their homework and brush up on facts and figures to give them the maximum chance of winning.

The proof of the pudding

In 2020, the first year we offered this service, GoRefCo produced 14 award submissions on behalf of our clients. Nine were shortlisted and six made it through to the final judging round. Instantly recognisable, they feature customers like Premier League football clubs, major banks, and leading online retailers. Now, they’re finalists competing with the likes of Microsoft, BT, BNP Paribas, Legal and General, HSBC and Marks & Spencer. This year we aim to comfortably exceed that run rate.

Please contact us if you want to join our winning band. We’d be delighted to help.

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