14 November 2022

Video: content marketing’s future and how to make money at it

Videos use standards designed to make them readily consumable on all screen-based devices. That’s not something you can say for text-based stuff. But don’t take our word for it, take others. Among highly-persuasive 2022 facts, consider:

  • Including videos in email campaigns increases clickthrough rates by up to 300%
  • Video will make up 82% of all consumer traffic by the end of this year
  • 89% of marketeers said video content has the best ROI

In addition, it’s instructive that 82% of online users are more inclined to buy goods or services after watching a video, while B2B video marketing statistics confirm 41% of marketeers already use such content to drive sales. When it comes to budgets, 74% agree video has a better return on investment than static imagery.

Videos on landing pages increase conversions by up to 80% and meanwhile, in support, 83% say videos help increase the time people spend on a webpage. It’s also estimated 92% of people who consume mobile videos share them with others, massively overtaking legacy content sharing. That propensity to go viral is why video marketing is content marketing’s future.

The 6-point guide to better, more cost-effective videos

Arguably, more money’s wasted on corporate video than any other content. Many marketeers haven’t yet learned how to multiply the ROI from video shoots. And production houses naturally won’t tell you when there are more cost-effective ways of achieving your marketing objectives.

So, here’s a 6-point guide to making better videos, at higher production values, with limited marketing budgets. Some of them aren’t about savings in the monetary sense, but about avoiding expensive brand damage elsewhere.

  1. Stay ruthlessly short

There’s a law of inverse proportion between a video’s length and its impact. Go beyond two minutes and you’ll lose the viewer. Be ruthless. Aim for short. Nothing takes precedence over the message. And put some important quantitative stuff upfront to grab attention.

  1. Watch production values

It’s a no-brainer your videos should reinforce your brand strategy. Don’t miss the point your production values are a metaphor for your brand. Uninspiring talking heads against plain backgrounds may save money, but they’ll speak volumes about your company’s vanilla values.

  1. Repeats earn revenue

It never fails to amaze us how many companies produce a video, then pop it on a virtual shelf to gather dust. They miss the point excerpts have marketing applications like PPT slides, montages, and soundbites. GoRefCo has found re-use can multiply return on marketing investment fivefold.

  1. Trailers aren’t trash

The use of corporate video trailers is a GoRefCo innovation. A 30-second snapshot can drive viral traffic to your website. It can also be offered to customers for their own use.

  1. Drive hard bargains

Most directors and crews work in one-day units. If they’ve got to do a return trip for a video interview, the day’s lost. The onus is on you to bargain better. Make their days more productive, like getting the director to use spare time producing a trailer.

  1. Show, don’t tell

When silence is the default, 85% of videos are viewed without sound, meaning the audience will likely watch for longer if it’s optimised for silent viewing.

Each social media platform favours different content types. As mentioned above repurposing your content is the best way to encourage reach. With the emergence of TikTok, and other already popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it’s no surprise that video content, a mixture of long and short form, comes out on top.

Finally, take video with you everywhere. Podcasts are popular but add a couple of GoPro cameras and LED lights and you’ve got a video product for little extra cost. And, back to the ROI topic, you’ll still have the audio as well.

Want to get on the video bandwagon? Reach out to GoRefCo. We’ll create the buzz.

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