24 February 2023

Marketing power comes from combining customer advocacy with award entries

Fresh (and quantified) text and video case studies are always in demand as award-entry support, so it’s odd and counter-productive that most companies use different teams (sometimes in-house, sometimes agency-based) for customer advocacy and award entry programmes. That separation fails to recognise the synergy between the two and ignores the vital need to plan case studies in advance and often over multiyear timeframes.

The fact is customer reference production can be a long process. Starting with getting the client’s permission to proceed in the first place and ending with clearing the final hurdle of securing their approval takes time.

Planning ahead in tandem

So, starting to produce an award submission shouldn’t be about ‘opening the case study cupboard to see what’s in there’. And finding it empty. Because planning against award categories that will surely be featured isn’t rocket science. (Yes, there might sometimes be a few new categories, but most repeat year after year.)

It therefore makes sense to combine the two disciplines. That way you can use your choice of award entries for a clear steer on products, industry sectors, and technologies that should feature in your case studies.

Putting the process in motion

With most companies planning their new marketing calendars (and award entries) about now, this is the time to get your house in order. Incentives might help. (For more guidance click here). Auditing existing client solutions and new wins for award-friendliness will add sure-fire impetus as we look to 2024.

We hope you’ll take our advice to help improve the completeness and persuasiveness of your award entries.

Talking to GoRefCo will get you off on the front foot.



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