16 May 2023

Visual shorts sway judges and assure award wins.

When it comes to awards, video content counts.

This year one thing’s more noticeable than ever before. Industry awards organisers are encouraging anyone wanting to win their competitions to invest in video. Some, like the London Construction Awards, insist on it. But note they needn’t be Hollywood movies. Content counts more than cinematic magic. Just get your messages out there in the right order. And don’t kid yourself everyone wants to hear everything you want to say. They may not.

They’re interested in plain facts and home truths. Things, properly told, that win awards. But don’t make the mistake of leaving such powerful stuff to the end. Do that and you’re gambling on people (including awards judges) watching right the way through. Some do not.

A 5-point guide to better, more cost-effective award videos

Arguably, more money’s wasted on corporate video than any other content. Many marketeers haven’t yet learned how to multiply the ROI from a single video shoot. And production houses won’t tell you when there are more cost-effective ways of achieving the desired result. Here are five simple steps you can take to make sure you don’t waste time and money, while still impressing the judges.

1. Get on message and stay there

In approaching an awards entry you’ll naturally have to do some research, which is not unlike the approach taken for a case study. So, use the interview(s) to produce a short bullet-pointed storyboard for those people you’re going to put in front of the camera and use it as a checklist to ensure important facts are presented without fail.

2. Stay ruthlessly short

There’s a law of inverse proportion between a video’s length and its impact. Go beyond two minutes and you’ll lose the viewer. So, be ruthless. Aim for short. Nothing takes precedence over the message. And put some important quantitative stuff upfront (maybe with text graphics) to grab the viewer’s attention.

3. Don’t get hung up on production

OK, it’s great to use 4K cameras and spend money on fancy lighting, which may be necessary for case studies. But, when it comes to video testimonials for awards, a carefully staged conference call can do the trick, at far less cost. As long as you obey a simple set of visual rules, which we can teach you as well as providing screenshot examples.

4. Repeats earn revenue

It never fails to amaze us how many companies produce a video, then pop it on a shelf to virtually gather dust. They miss the point that excerpts have marketing applications like award entries, PPT slides, montages, and soundbites. GoRefCo has found re-use can multiply return on marketing investment fivefold.

5. Show, don’t tell

Help keep your viewers engaged by making sure your video is optimised for all viewing scenarios. For example, many videos are viewed without sound, meaning the audience will watch for longer if it’s optimised for silent viewing. Also, adding text graphics and captions isn’t expensive and ensures you deliver the right messaging whatever the media.

Those are just a few short tips for cost-effective video-supported award entries. If you want to learn more and improve your award win rate, reach out to GoRefCo.

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