30 September 2019

Three Ways to Raise Marketing ROI

Making funds go further while simultaneously achieving better outcomes is the marketing manager’s holy grail. In the first of a series, here are three quick fixes to common problems.

1. Make joint marketing pay

Co-funding isn’t always money well invested, especially if there’s little control over how the budget’s spent. Joint marketing programmes are hard to control and, with all parties pushing for inclusion, your key messages can get diluted. As an alternative, some of our clients offer customer reference production as a free service to their partners, with GoRefCo as text and/or video content producer. That way you get a balanced view on both parties’ contribution and the ensuing benefits. Creating two versions, one using the partner’s brand guidelines keeps everyone happy.

2. Get more value from video

Having gone to the expense of a video shoot, many miss the point that excerpts from the programme have myriad other marketing uses like PPT slides, montages, and to open and close presentations. We’ve found such re-use can multiply return on the marketing investment fivefold. Forming a library of customer soundbites, which can be tailored to specific vertical or product-focused campaigns, is the simplest way to do it. Learn more about this and other tricks of the video trade by checking out our six-point video guide when it appears in February 2021.

3. Know when to outsource

We see a lot of internally-produced content that, frankly, could be better. Usually, it’s because someone’s totally slammed with other projects. Outsourcing can be more cost-effective, providing the brief and objectives are clear. Copywriting is a great example. Always look for transparent pricing. Charged at pre-agreed rates, it creates a virtual writing pool you can turn on and off as and when your needs change.

If you need an expert view on multiplying your marketing return, reach out to GoRefCo. We’d be delighted to help.

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