February 23, 2020

iStudy innovation

The trouble with ill-considered case studies is they’re either too long or too short. Too long and the busy reader quickly zones out; too short and they fail to convey information for bid responses and other detail-hungry apps. What to do?

GoRefCo designed the iStudy as a menu-driven navigable PDF to make maximum use of Adobe Acrobat features. With a front-page executive summary for time-poor people, the subsequent pages can either follow traditional challenge-solution-results chapters or address separate business and technical audiences.

As a bonus, the front-page executive summary can be spun clockwise through 90° to populate a PowerPoint slide. That saves money by increasing the deliverable count from a single body of text. And because the iStudy uses the client’s brand guidelines, the PowerPoint will automatically do so too.



See? Two for the price of one. Neat, huh? 

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