13 January 2023

Tech Ascension Awards 2023

The Tech Ascension Awards recognise technology companies and people leaders that drive cutting-edge, innovative solutions that solve critical challenges in their respective markets. The awards provide real recognition to real innovators challenging the status quo. ​Applicants are judged based on technology innovation and uniqueness, market research, hard performance stats, and competitive differentiators.

2023 CEO and Leadership Awards

Submissions by 28th April 2023

Winners announced on 8th May 2023

2023 Big Data Awards

Submissions by 26th May 2023

Winners announced on 12th June 2023

2023 Cybersecurity Awards

Submissions by 22nd July 2023

Winners announced on 5th August 2023

2023 FinTech Awards

Submissions by 22nd September 2023

Winners announced on 16th October 2023

2023 DevOps Awards

Submissions by 21st October 2023

Winners announced on 7th November 2023

Entry fees required

Tech Ascension Awards (techascensionawards.com)

Spotlight your company’s achievements. Reach out to GoRefCo. We’d be delighted to help.

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