25 June 2021

Industry Solutions Awards World Congress 2022

The Industry Solutions Awards play a spotlight on pre-eminent digital transformation projects across industries such as manufacturing, energy, healthcare, buildings and infrastructures, and connected transport. The Awards distinguish the exceptional work of IoT and digital transformation in specific fields and highlight the results transforming industries by creating greater efficiency, sustainability and connection. As the challenges facing our planet grow, so does the need for game-changers. The Awards celebrate IoT and other innovative digital technologies reinventing the way the world works.

Three nominees for each category published on 20th April 2022

Awards ceremony: 11th May 2022

Fira, Barcelona, Gran Via Venue

Free to enter

INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS AWARDS (iotsworldcongress.com)

Spotlight your company’s achievements. Reach out to GoRefCo, we’d be delighted to help.

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