1 March 2024

Forrester 2024 Global Technology Awards

Split into two categories: Technology Strategy Impact and Enterprise Architecture, the awards recognise organisations that align their IT strategy to their business goals, are quick to adapt to changing market conditions, and focus on building customer trust. Strong alignment is critical to business results: according to Forrester, firms with strong alignment grow 2.4 times faster than peers and have twice the profitability.

Nomination criteria for Forrester’s Technology Awards are as follows:

  • Technology Strategy Impact. Award recipients must execute a high-performance IT strategy, which Forrester defines as the pursuit of continuous improvement of business results through technology. Recipients must also demonstrate how they use alignment, trust, and adaptivity to enhance business outcomes with their IT capabilities.
  • Enterprise Architecture. This award, presented in partnership with The Open Group recognizes organisations that demonstrate how their outcome-driven enterprise architecture (EA) practice fuels change, growth, and differentiation. Organisations must also show how their EA practice helps their firm manage risk, drive cost efficiency, improve customer experience, and increase revenue.

Nominations for both award categories are open to organisations with 1,000 or more employees that are using technology to improve business outcomes. Technology leaders — including chief information officers, chief technology officers, chief digital officers, and enterprise architects across North America; Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); and Asia Pacific (APAC) — are encouraged to apply.

North American submissions by 20th May 2024

Award winners honoured at Forrester’s Technology & Innovation Summit North America on 9-12th September 2024

Austin, Texas

EMEA submissions by 20th June 2024

Award winners honoured at Forrester’s Technology & Innovation Summit EMEA on 9-11th October 2024


APAC submissions by 9th July 2024

Award winners honoured at Forrester’s Technology & Innovation Summit APAC on 29th October 2024


All winners will be notified in July 2024

Forrester Technology Awards 2024 (forrester.com)

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