31 August 2023

Digital Engineering Awards

The Digital Engineering Awards celebrate and honour business and technology leaders challenging the status quo and creating a sustainable tomorrow. The first-of-its-kind offers winners formal recognition and an entry into the select ER&D circle. Aiming to drive enterprises in shaping to transformative ideas, setting the stage for radical, sustainable, and planet-positive changes, the Digital Engineering Awards are rigorously judged by an independent peer-group panel. They will take every opportunity to publicize and promote nominees, finalists, and winners across a wide spectrum of the global business press and media outlets. By interacting with hundreds of digital engineering applications across the world they are at the forefront of identifying emerging trends and game-changing insights.

Submissions by 5th October 2023

Shortlist announced on 7th November 2023

Final judging round: 15th November 2023

Awards ceremony: 6th December 2023

Dallas, Texas, USA

Free to enter

Digital Engineering Awards (digitalengineeringawards.com)

Spotlight your company’s achievements. Reach out to GoRefCo. We’d be delighted to help.

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