27 January 2022

2022 SaaS Awards

Software Awards: International SaaS recognition. Make your name as an innovative software solutions provider. The SaaS Awards programme offers the best recognition, based on innovation, everywhere and anywhere. The summer SaaS Awards programme is now partnered with the winter Cloud Awards, which celebrates the brightest and the best in Cloud Computing. Any SaaS solution is eligible: the SaaS Awards celebrate solutions across public clouds, as well as alongside private, single-tenant solutions, off-prem or on-prem. The SaaS Awards’ software awards is open to consider your case.

Early submissions by 31st March 2022

Submissions by 20th May 2022

Entry fees required (discounted before Earlybird deadline)

Software as a Service Awards (cloud-awards.com)

Spotlight your company’s achievements. Reach out to GoRefCo, we’d be delighted to help.

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