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Without exception our people have worked on both sides of the agency supplier fence, which uniquely suits us to write award entries drawing on the best of both worlds. Moreover, our record in winning award competitions is outstanding.

From PDFs to videos and infographics we’re expert at content marketing, pushing the envelope with messaging that really counts. And we’ve proved to our customers we have the mettle to run successful awards programmes. This year the numbers are growing again and there’s every reason to think we’re likely to top the market.

What we do in a nutshell

Award entry opportunities

Awards we've helped our customers win


Successful award entries: the sincerest form of flattery

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All the world’s a stage. Let’s put your people and customers on it. That way, everyone’s a winner.



This is your ‘go-to’ section for everything awards-related. Find out how we work and what the entry process involves, as well as what to do at each stage of your awards journey.

Our Business

How long have you been helping people win awards?


We first started doing it in 2018, and in 2020 we added it as a permanent feature in our service list.

What are your success rates?


In recent years our success rate has been as high as 95%. We also made our customers mightily happy in 2022 with an impressive 76% of award entries either winning, being shortlisted, or rated as highly commended.

Are you part of a bigger group?


No, but we have seasoned and experienced PR consultants all around Europe.

Do you work internationally?


Our network of native-language correspondents consists of business and technically literate journalists. Those feet on international ground gives us considerable competitive edge.

What is your mission as a top agency?


As a top performer in our chosen market, our mission is to overtake larger agencies through technical understanding, its translation into business-speak, and our flair for PR and creative writing.

Working with us

Why should we work with GoRefCo?


Our clients trust us to represent them in front of their customers at the highest levels. That’s because we’re serious, creative people who understand technology and know the way to translate it into board-level language and measurable business benefits. Our storytelling skills help win awards for our customers and applause for our people.

What will it be like working together?


We’re helpful souls who know “how to win friends and influence people” as Dale Carnegie once wrote. Today, we use phrases like the customer experience. We apply those disciplines in the interests of creating highly satisfied customers by understanding their aspirations and actioning activities they’ll want to own.

How do you work?


Collaboratively, and in close knit teams, making the most of individuals’ innate academic skills

Do you offer any kind of promise or guarantee?


We promise each submission will set the bar ever higher in terms of service levels and timely delivery, as evidenced by our award-winning success. Interdependence between case studies and awards activities is a lesson many have not yet learned. We teach our customers (existing and prospective) the value of this hard-won knowledge.

Our Services

What services do you offer?

  • Written award entries (specific and generic).
  • Generic awards submissions – as a template should you wish to go at it alone.
  • Storytelling and storyboard templates.
  • Video testimonials.
  • Producing awards presentations.
  • Infographic templates – an infographic reel, all you need do is drop some figures in.
  • Post-event press releases.
  • Multi-year award strategies, planning ahead.
  • Acceptance speeches.
  • Quality control and proof reading.

How can I get the best value package?


We don’t offer discounts, but we do offer package deals.

How can I spread my payments?


We will consider a retainer to spread costs over the award year.

The Engagement Process

How much time will I have to spend?


Pre-award briefing is minimal as we have the ability to hit the ground running. Document discovery plus 30-minute interviews with two or three people are all that’s necessary. Also, reviewing time of around 45 minutes.

After Engaging

What happens once the entry has been submitted?


We follow up with the award body and offer any support necessary.

Will I have to do a presentation?


Yes, usually if you make the shortlist. We will assist with resources and assets for a presentation.

Who can help with my presentation?


Well us, of course. We will train speakers as necessary and provide coaching on the subject material and how best to convey it.